NikonF4 Superia400 MalvarrosaFilmLab

Wanna know exactly who we are and what we love? 

Meet Laura, Gema, Héctor, Paula and Buenaventura, the crew of film-loving camera geeks who will be taking care of your film. These are the film wizards that will sprinkle Malvarrosa magic over your negatives and won’t settle for anything other than your dream look.

AboutUs Contax645 Portra400 Malvarrosa Film Lab

“Hi there!

This is Héctor. I shoot a lot of Fuji Superia through whatever 35mm camera I’m obsessed with at the moment and love riding my Specialized road bike on unbearably cold winter mornings. My main interests tend to constantly change: as a kid I thought I would either be a hairdresser or a car mechanic, then I gravitated towards being a long jump athlete and currently I’d like to become a ceramist. Go figure! If you’re into cats, pizza and/or memes I’m sure we can be friends.

I used to suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) but I’m fine now. Just don’t get me going about the pros and cons of the Nikon L35AF versus the Yashica T3 or it’s back to square one again haha!”

AboutUs Contax645 Portra400 Malvarrosa Film Lab

“Hi there,

I’m Paula. As a kid I used to daydream about meeting Greek mythology characters but then came Harry Potter and I was forever changed hahaha. I love flowers and will photograph them with any film stock and camera combination that falls into my hands.

I’m a proud cat lady and I’m also famous for having attempted to color correct real life subjects after long scanning sessions with the Frontier. Oh, and I sleep a bare minimum of 10 hours a day so I’m off to bed now Zzzzzz”

AboutUs Contax645 Portra400 Malvarrosa Film Lab
AboutUs Contax645 Portra400 Malvarrosa Film Lab


This is Gema. I graduated in journalism and next thing I remember I was taking macro shots of dental surgery that would make most of the people I know faint.

I have a thing for very thin slices of cheese before meals and most of the memories I cherish the most involve dancing like there is no tomorrow with my friends. I’m currently figuring out how to change the world through my photography work,  and in the meantime I’m learning French. So if you’re gentle with me tu peux m’écrire en français. Oh, and Portra girl for sure!”

AboutUs Contax645 Portra400 Malvarrosa Film Lab

“Hi, I’m Buenaventura Marco.

You might remember me from such films as “Oh, my God this is the longest feedback I ever got from Malvarrosa”or “Sunflare: I told you it’s the Russian roulette of film photography”.When I was a kid I thought I could eventually become Michael Jackson, but I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I might actually not be him. All jokes aside, all I can think of is cats, cashew nuts and political philosophy books.

Oh, and my favorite camera of all time is the Contax 645. I know, not a big surprise, but you just can’t beat the 80mm Zeiss glass.”

AboutUs Contax645 Portra400 Malvarrosa Film Lab
AboutUs Contax645 Portra400 Malvarrosa Film Lab


I’m Laura and at Malvarrosa I’m famous for my chocolate sandwiches and for having hosted a  literary radio show when I was a kid in school where we’d go over Borges or Cortazar’s works.

I take my beloved Contax G2 everywhere I can and lately the Mamiya RZ67 is growing to be my favorite medium format camera. When I’m not thinking about how to get the perfectly color-corrected scan you can find me daydreaming about visiting the Pyrenees again.”