FILM processING

At Malvarrosa we offer color, black & white, slide and motion picture film processing brought to you using only the freshest daily-checked chemicals and state-of-the-art dip & dunk technology.

As the source of every possible detail that your work will convey the actual negative is of the utmost importance. Our daily quality controls ensure that the incredible properties that make us love film will stay consistent and our dip & dunk processing guarantees that your precious film will never come into contact with anything other than fresh chemicals or our loving gloved hands.

Precisely because we are seasoned and passionate film photographers we know you deserve only the best processing.

Film Processing OlympusMJUii Kodak Portra800 MalvarrosaFilmLab
Film Processing ContaxT2 Kodak Portra800 Malvarrosa Film Lab
Film Processing Contax645 AgfaOptima400 MalvarrosaFilmLab


We use the legendary Fuji Frontier SP3000 scanners and manually adjust each frame for color and brightness with special emphasis in consistency. Through an artisan-like true labor of love we scan each roll frame-by-frame applying both our ample film scanning experience and our client’s personal preferences.

Film is an extremely versatile and maleable medium and we proud ourselves in working with our clients to make their dream look come true. That’s why the same member of the Malvarrosa crew that will take care of your scans will be in charge of providing technical feedback regarding each order and will engage in the two-way communication that we feel is essential in obtaining 100% guaranteed satisfaction premium quality scans.

Let’s build a relationship!

NikonFE2 Superia MalvarrosaFilmLab-1
Film Scanning KodakGold NikonFE2 Malvarrosa Film Lab
ContaxG1 Portra400 MalvarrosaFIlmLab